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A Case of Foul Play: WorkCheetah Calls Out Foul Play and Espionage from Competitors

PHILADELPHIA, May 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – It is common knowledge that corporate espionage causes American-based companies billions of dollars in damages a year collectively. With the increase of technology and cloud database storages, some companies have seen much data compromised by malevolent system invasions. With the extreme deficit of security professionals many companies are devastated by both hacking groups and competitors everyday.

WorkCheetah, after the recent announcement of the release of its mobile counterpart, has recently called out “foul play” by select competitors. “Recently we have started working to establish our brand into an easily recognizable name,” says Sandros Borges, with WorkCheetah, “and since then have experienced high volumes of attacks on our website.”

WorkCheetah believes that the “attacks” are coming from a former employee who is also suspected of stealing company secrets to launch a competitor application. WorkCheetah is forced to keep the employee’s identity private until authorities compile more evidence; however the company has been open of its view on the matter.

“We have experienced several attacks on our system recently including a malicious program set to flag all job postings on our system–the flagging of job listings on the WorkCheetah system automatically removes them from the database, causing us to have to manually deal with the backfire of clearing these listings,” relayed Kevin Washington, WorkCheetah CEO.

“The only individuals who knew the effects this would cause on our system are those few who were involved in the development stages.”

WorkCheetah has expressed extreme intolerance against the attacks and are currently working with authorities to track the source. In addition to investigative measures WorkCheetah has also intensified security, now with an entire team dedicated to pinpointing an attack as soon as it starts. Though the startup has had enough of the assaults on its system, WorkCheetah members consider the attention a compliment.

“These attacks can only mean one thing—competitors are scared of what we have to offer,” said Washington. “These attacks prove that we have a solid product, even more so now—we can deal with them, our system will be immune to it shortly.”

Some of the recent changes in the system enables users to post private listings to keep their jobs from being viewed by individuals without accounts, allowing employers a safer online recruiting experience. WorkCheetah remains a private company headquartered Philadelphia, Pa and Wayne, Pa.

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