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Bad Credit Loans – New “Loan Genie” Service Launched announces its new “Loan Genie” service that takes consumer’s wishes for bad credit loans and transfers these to lending companies that may be able to grant loans. The service can be accessed for free via the site.

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – announces its answer to the consumer problems of needing to access bad credit loans, not knowing where to look or having the time to undertake copious amounts or research or complete multiple application forms. The new “Loan Genie” service has been created in order to offer would-be applicants a handy, all-in-one site for applying to, comparing and reviewing loan companies and their loan products.

The platform can be initiated through completing an online application form that is connected to a consortium of lenders specializing in helping people with bad credit. As such, all qualifying consumers can apply for free, and in total confidence due to the unsecured nature of the many loans offered by the lenders.

As the loans are not attached to any collateral, such as houses or other property, the level of red-tape involved in applying, being considered, potentially approved and accepting a loan is much shorter than with banks and other financial institutions that use more traditional and slower processes.

The information required is simple, non-intrusive and efficient in its purpose given that one form applies to many lenders. Completion of the application form can be done in less than 2 minutes; clicking “submit” on the form reveals the companies that can approve a loan within seconds. For consumers that are approved and accept an offer made to them, the loan funds can be enjoyed within 24 hours.

As the name suggests, is a loans for bad credit specialist comparison site. All levels of credit are considered equally and only the information submitted in the online application form is used for making approval decisions. made the announcement in the following statement.

“ is happy to share details of our new ‘Loan Genie’ service, which we hope will answer the wishes of many consumers in need of fast, no-hassle access to information on bad credit lending companies. We want to save applicants time as well as helping them to improve their financial circumstances. By spending a couple of moments on our site filling in our application form, we can send their details to literally hundreds of top lenders for immediate processing. Although we cannot guarantee that using our service will ‘magically’ lead to a loan, our platform is a great way to compare the market, see what is available and stand a chance of being fairly considered for a loan from a professional online lender.” is an online operation, enabling it to compile and feature products from top lenders that may not be available offline. Consequently, the hosted lenders are constantly offering new interest rates and offers. The site can be accessed 24 hours a day for unlimited searches and is completely secure.

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