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Coughy Cup Inc. Company Profile

Coughy Cup, Inc. (www.CoughyCup.com) manufactures cough/sneeze cups to help reduce the spread of germs & viruses. It was suggested to the inventor that he should find a way to help children. The idea was born 24 hours later. “I prayed. My exact words were, ‘Okay, God. You heard her. What do you got?’ A half second later I pictured two words: Coughy Cup™. I immediately knew what it would be,” said Delatorre.

News from Coughy Cup Inc.:

Former TV Weatherman’s Germ Killing Coughing Cup Invention Featured in Wal-Mart Contest

The Coughy Cup™ is the latest weapon in the war against cold and flu season
SUGAR LAND, Texas, Aug. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – It may look like a common, everyday paper coffee cup but the inside matters most. The patent pending Coughy Cup™ combines a paper coffee cup, a plastic lid and the materi…