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America’s First and Premier Marijuana Business Seminar to Present at the Hilton Boston Back Bay March 9th, 2013

Cannabis Career Institute to Introduce East Coast to Marijuana Business Opportunities

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Feb. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Cannabis Career Institute, ( America’s first and premiere marijuana business seminar, is coming to the Hilton Boston Back Bay March 9th, 2013. Hosted by Cannajobs, this important event will offer people on the East Coast their first glimpse at marijuana marketing, business plans, corporations and tax structures.

CCI specializes in providing a how-to guide on a silver platter for excited potential cannapreneurs. Their seminars focus not only on how to start your own medical marijuana business, but how to grow medical marijuana commercially and privately.

Creating edibles and concentrates for patients is also covered. Those who may not want to start their own business will learn how to become a patient, how to qualify for a “bud tending” or dispensary management position, how to identify strains and will receive a Certificate of Completion afterward that will help them gain employment in the field.

A plan of action is created specifically for the attendee: whether it is a grow operation, a dispensary, a delivery service for homebound and terminally ill patients, or an edibles kitchen, CCI will help them right then and there by introducing them to the people they need to do the things they can’t do themselves (doctors, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, website designers, etc.) customizing a step-by-step checklist for them based on their personal timeline and budget.

A master grower, usually a known “canna-celebrity” will be on hand to give an in-depth presentation, and answer any personal questions about your grow.

Robert Calkin, founder of CCI and medical marijuana jobs site, has seen his share of setbacks in the medical marijuana industry. For more than 30 years, he has battled the overwhelming politics involved with creating and growing medical marijuana businesses. Today he remains confident that the current political smoke will clear, making room for more employment opportunities and economic growth.

“For every step forward we take, we are faced with challenges that force us two steps back. Every movement had set backs,” said Calkin. “People need medical marijuana and there are hundreds of thousands of careers to be made out of this industry. No matter what your profession is, there is a place for you.”

If you are interested in jump starting your career with a day long action packed seminar, CCI has been successfully helping new businessmen and women into the field of medical marijuana for over four years now.  Call to register 800-753-2240.

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