Your 2006 Public Relations Calendar

As I’ve done each year for the past few years, I wanted to end the year with a “print and save” public relations calendar for the upcoming year. In this issue you’ll find calendar listings for holidays and observances, elections, major sporting and entertainment events, as well as list of anniversaries being celebrated – or simply remembered – in 2006.

The purpose of the calendar is to ensure that PR professionals are aware of important events that may drive the news cycle. The calendar is also a handy planning tool, allowing PR professionals ample time to get pitches and campaigns ready.

Next week I’ll take a look at some of the stories that I feel will be driving the news cycle this year. Looking at the anniversaries list, it’s not difficult to understand why the terrorist attacks of September 11th, MTV, Apple’s iPod, The Empire State Building, an earthquake and AIDS may make some headlines throughout the year.

I hope everyone has a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2006!


Holidays and Observances

1 – New Year’s Day
2 – New Year’s Day observed *
16 – Martin Luther King Day *
29 – Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog)

2 – Groundhog Day
14 – Valentine’s Day
20 – President’s Day *

1 – Ash Wednesday
14 – Purim
17 – St. Patrick’s Day
20 – Earth Day

9 – Palm Sunday
13 – Passover begins
14 – Good Friday *
16 – Easter Sunday
17 – Easter observed
20 – Passover ends

14 – Mother’s Day
29 – Memorial Day *

18 – Father’s Day

4 – Independence Day *


4 – Labor Day
11 – Patriot’s Day
23 – Rosh Hashanah
24 – Ramadan begins

2 – Yom Kippur
9 – Columbus Day
31 – Halloween

10 – Veteran’s Day observed **
11 – Veteran’s Day
23 – Thanksgiving *
24 – Stock markets close early

16 – Hanukah begins
23 – Hanukah ends
24 – Christmas Eve
25 – Christmas Day *
26 – Kwanzaa begins
31 – New Year’s Eve

* = Federal holiday and days when the stock markets are closed
** = Federal holiday only

Domestic Politics

March to September: State and Local Primaries
November 7: General Election
Gubernatorial Elections: 35 states, Guam and the District of Columbia (Mayor)
Senate: 33 states
Congress: Every state, territory (except Puerto Rico) and the District of Columbia.

International Politics

Leadership changes could take place in a number of countries; including Chile, Israel, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Italy, Mexico, Belarus and Malaysia.


February 1: Ben Bernanke assumes position as Chairman of The U.S. Federal Reserve


January 4: NCAA Division I College Football Championship Game (Rose Bowl) in Pasadena, California
January 7: National Football League playoffs begin
February 5: Super Bowl in Detroit, Michigan
February 10 to February 26: Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy
February 19: Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach, Florida
March 3 to 20: World Baseball Classic in Japan, Puerto Rico and United States
March 14 to April 3: NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament (Final Four is April 1 to April 3 in Indianapolis, Indiana)
March 18 to April 4: NCAA Division I Women’s’ Basketball Tournament (Final Four is April 2 to April 4 in Boston, Massachusetts)
April 2: Major League Baseball opening day
June 9 to July 9: World Cup (soccer) in Germany
July 11: Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 3: Major League Baseball playoffs begin
October 21: World Series begins


January 16: Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, California
January 29: Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California
February 8: Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California
March 5: Academy Awards (Oscars) in Los Angeles, California
April 28: Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California
June 11: Tony Awards in New York, New York
September N/A: Primetime Emmy Awards
November N/A: American Music Awards


500th Anniversary
N/A: “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci is finished
May 20: Death of Christopher Columbus

300th Anniversary
January 17: Benjamin Franklin’s birth

200th Anniversary
N/A: First publication of the American English dictionary by Noah Webster

100th Anniversary
April 18: Great San Francisco Earthquake

75th Anniversary
March 3: Star-Spangled Banner adopted as national anthem of United States
May 1: Empire State Building officially opened
November 7: People’s Republic of China is proclaimed

50th Anniversary
February 22: Elvis Presley’s first entrance onto U.S. music charts (“Heartbreak Hotel”)
March 23: Pakistan becoming the world’s first Islamic Republic
June 14: The term “under God” being authorized for use in the Pledge of Allegiance
October 23: Hungarian Revolution
October 29: Suez Crisis

25th Anniversary
January 20: U.S. hostages in Iran are freed after 444 days of captivity
March 30: Assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan
April 12: The first launch of a Space Shuttle (Columbia)
May 13: Assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II
June 5: First AIDS cases recognized by the Centers for Disease Control
August 1: Launch of MTV
October 19: Sandra Day O’Connor, first female Supreme Court Justice, is appointed
December 28: Elizabeth Jordan Carr, first test-tube baby, is born

20th Anniversary
January 28: Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes on Takeoff
February 9: Halley’s Comet’s last visit
April 13: Pope John Paul II visit to Synagogue of Rome, first visit to a synagogue by a modern Pope
April 16: Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine
May 25: Hands Across America
October 10: Massive earthquake in El Salvador
November 3: Iran-Contra Affair first reported by Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa

10th Anniversary
February 1: Communications Decency Act
February 10: Telecommunications Reform Act
July 5: Dolly, a sheep, is the first cloned mammal ever born
July 27: Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta

Fifth Anniversary
September 11: Terrorist Attacks on the United States
October 23: First iPod is released
December 2: Enron files for bankruptcy

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