Tips on How to Prepare Your Audience for a Big Change at Your Company

For the most part, people don’t like change. While some embrace it as a necessity, the majority of folks would rather things just stay the same, even when change would make life easier. Everyone gets used to one thing and doesn’t want it to go away suddenly.

Baby Steps This is essential to remember when it comes to your business. Your customers have come to expect certain things with your company. So when you need to make some essential changes, the situation should be treated as delicately as possible.

One of the first things to remember when dealing with your customers is you must tread lightly. Start letting them know things are changing way ahead of time. You don’t have to lay out everything that’s going on just yet. Just drop hints that things are going to change in the future, but that everything is going to be great – or better than great.

Also make sure to reassure them that your company is going to fundamentally stay the same. This can cushion the blow that their favorite business is about to shake some things up. A little band-aid for the wound, if you will.

Now, try to implement the changes to your company as slowly as humanly possible. One of the reasons customers tend to balk at changes is that companies will implement them at a moment’s notice. There’s no time for them to adjust.

Think of all the times Facebook has suddenly changed its layout and security settings. Users complain loudly every single time. Sometimes there are news reports about the negative reaction from the public! A little warning beforehand would be nice and might cut down on the complaints.

Further Aid for Companies Contemplating a Big Change 

After the changes are all done and implemented, make sure to follow up with your customers. They more than likely want to air their issues with what you’ve done, so be sure to listen. Even if there’s no way you’re going back to the old way of doing things, your customers will appreciate the fact you took their opinion into account.

Going back to the Facebook example; at no time do its users feel like the company listens to what they have to say. Every time there’s a big change, no effort is put forth to reaching out and listening to folks who would rather things had stayed the same. They always focus on all the cool stuff that will be coming in the future. While this is important as well, you can’t forget that a little reassurance goes a long way!

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