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  1. 3 Widely Accepted Blogging Tips That We May Need To Rethink

    March 23 2012

    You never have to look far to find blogging tips. Almost every day, someone is publishing a new post with tips for new and experienced bloggers alike. And like everything else, there’s some good advice and lots of bad advice. There are also lots of tips that seemingly everyone agrees upon. Many of these tips are no longer even viewed as such; instead, they’re almost considered rules for successful blogging….

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  2. Are You Ready for a Media Frenzy?

    February 21 2012

    Why are you searching for press? Well, obviously you want people to start taking notice. But what would happen if suddenly EVERYONE took notice? What if one of the media outlets you contacted ended up generating so much buzz for you that your business didn’t just double – it quadrupled overnight. Could you handle it?…

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  3. 5 Things Bloggers Can Learn From Journalists

    August 25 2011

    While the face of journalism is certainly changing, bloggers would still be wise to take notes on the way traditional journalists approach their news stories….

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  4. The 10 Commandments of Branding

    June 02 2011

    What does it take to build a brand that’s memorable…a brand your target market can trust and connect with? If you keep these 10 commandments of branding in mind, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your business objectives….

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  5. Do You Have Goals for Your Blog?

    August 30 2010

    Why are you blogging? Are you just doing it because “it’s the thing to do”? Just because everyone else has a blog doesn’t mean you should have one too. You need to have a reason behind your blogging, and you need to have specific goals you want to achieve through your blogging efforts. Otherwise, you’re just wasting a bunch of time. And in my world, time is money….

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  6. The Dangers of Sending Too Many Press Releases

    July 13 2010

    In the past, I’ve often talked about using the leaky faucet approach to PR. This tactic demands that you drop a series of newsworthy press releases consistently over time so that the media will eventually pick up one of your stories. The leaky faucet approach requires consistency and a high volume of quality press releases….

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