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Five Reasons to Use Blogs as Public Relations Tools

March 31 2009

A post on Kevin Dugan’s Strategic Public Relations blog ( recently caught my eye. Dugan discussed an article longtime online marketing genius B.L Ochman highlighting ten “examples of sites, campaigns, and companies that are crying out for blogs.” The article got me thinking, once again, about how companies are missing the blogging boat. To this end, I’ve come up with my own list of five industries that are not capitalizing on the public relations opportunities presented by blogs. My hope is that my ideas will perhaps help foster some creative thinking about how your company or clients can use blogs as effective public relations tools. Read More

Public Relations Basics: How to Respond to Critics

March 30 2009

No matter the size of your business or organization, there will always be critics. How you respond to these critics — publicly and privately — is very important. Writing a correction letter to a newspaper or magazine is often the easiest (and cheapest) public relations strategy when responding to critics. Read More

Branding – How to Recognize Your Brand Values and Protect Them

March 30 2009

What is a brand, anyway? It seems like it is a mysterious “something-or-other” that isn’t marketing, isn’t PR, isn’t advertising. So if we know what it isn’t, shouldn’t we also know what a brand is? Read More

Award Yourself: Awards Programs for Public Relations Pros

March 27 2009

We all know the Oscars, the Emmys, and the Grammys. But there are plenty of other awards ceremonies taking place this year. Various organizations run annual awards programs recognizing the work of public relations firms. Winning these awards can bring additional visibility to your business, help you win and retain clients, and bolster the enthusiasm of your workforce. For the individual, being part of an award-winning team or campaign can help you earn a promotion and more money. Read More

Here, There and Everywhere – Even Media Superstars Get Overexposed

March 26 2009

Like many Americans, I watched President Barack Obama’s appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” last week. I also watched his interview with “60 Minutes” this past Sunday, checked out his NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament picks on last week and listened to his press conference on Tuesday night. Over the past week, the President has been here, there and seemingly everywhere. That’s not necessarily a good thing. Read More

Cross-Culture Public Relations – It’s Not as Easy as It Looks

March 26 2009

Every public relations professional dreams of developing a campaign that puts his or her company’s tag line on the lips of the entire world. However, the tried and true rules of continuity, consistency, and even practicality don’t always apply when it comes to international or cross-culture campaigns. Read More

Goodbye Newspapers, You Arrogant Monopolistic Dinosaurs

March 24 2009

It’s no secret eReleases works with newspapers. Many of our subscribing journalists are from newspapers. Many of our customers have received print in local and nationwide newspapers alike. I like newspapers. I still subscribe to my local newspaper, the Baltimore Sun, as well as to the Wall Street Journal. Read More

Are You Unhappy with Your Public Relations Job?

March 23 2009

These days it seems like everyone I know in the public relations game is looking for a new job. If nothing else, the sheer amount of people I know looking for a change in the public relations industry–I honestly believe that about 50 percent of the PR reps I know are looking to change employers–signals that PR vets and newbies alike are feeling less secure about their actual responsibilities as the definition of “public relations” continues to evolve. Read More

Having the Right Attitude in Public Relations

March 20 2009

Over the past decade, I’ve been yelled at by many people, and in many capacities. As a journalist, I had CEOs, public relations consultants, and lawyers heaping verbal abuse on me every week. Every one of those incidents served to remind me that people have different ideas of what is appropriate behavior, be it in the privacy of one’s home or in the workplace. Emotions ride high when money or one’s image is on the line. Read More

Public Relations in the Age of the Sound Bite

March 18 2009

Journalists love sound bites. We ask questions explicitly aimed at eliciting snappy, one-sentence comments. We’ve all seen television interviews or press briefings boiled down to a 15-second sound bite. Newspaper and magazine articles tend to have at least one definitive quote you can imagine a speechwriter whispering into a reporter’s ear. Read More