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Press Release Tips: Hook Editors with Strong Openings

February 16 2009

If you want your press release to get an editor’s attention, you need to get to the point as quickly as possible. Dozens of press releases stream into a newsroom every day. Most of them end up in the trash because an editor simply didn’t have time to read through the whole release to grasp the writer’s point. Read More

Not Every Media Interview is a Good Public Relations Opportunity

February 13 2009

Imagine that you are a horse breeder. You agree to do an interview for a live television show. Once the interview starts, the anchor begins asking you questions about dogs and dog breeding. You can answer the questions in general terms, but you don’t want to try to offer advice or insight on a topic that you’re not entirely familiar with. Read More

PR Pros: Don’t Become Another Media Victim

February 13 2009

Media contacts are obviously important tools for any public relations department when it comes to promoting an event, product, or company. But any combination of inaccurate information, misleading statements, simple ignorance, or conflicting political agendas on the media’s part can also stamp out all the work that your company has put into building something special. Read More

Happy Thanks-Valentine’s Day

February 13 2009

Mickie Kennedy here. I want to thank my customers this Valentine’s Day for helping make eReleases what it is today. Read More

How Public Relations Can Shape Corporate Culture

February 12 2009

Localized cultures often evolve at companies, for better or worse. Most former Enron and WorldCom employees I’ve spoken with say that the corporate cultures at both companies bred the behavior that ultimately resulted in far-reaching scandals. Read More

Research 101 – Search Engines

February 11 2009

Some time ago, I wrote a column about how to conduct public relations research online and why it’s important to do so. Looking back on that column, I see that I was blinded by Google. In retrospect, I did not provide good advice to my readers. Read More

Protect Your Brand When Relying on Third-Parties

February 10 2009

An interesting public relations debacle was brewing at Yuengling, a Pennsylvania-based beer bottler, and the company scored a C+ for its efforts to defuse the situation. Read More

Six Months of Public Relations Lessons

February 10 2009

Looking back on the past six months, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve learned more about public relations during the time than any other period in my professional life. Here are ten things I’ve learned about public relations in the last half of the year. Read More

Crafting a Hospitable PR Strategy in the Hospitality Industry

February 09 2009

In desperate need of a break recently, I decided to check out of my Brooklyn home office and into a Manhattan hotel for a few nights of relaxation. Putting my research skills to work, I spent over a week trying to select the perfect hotel. There were amenities to consider, a location to decide on, and of course, I wanted to find a room within a certain budget. Read More

How to Avoid the TV Talk Show Bait

February 06 2009

In the world of modern TV talk shows, civility is a forgotten art. The term “talk show” is probably not even apt; these shows are basically televised confrontations. It’s odd how many talk show guests still expect to be treated with a certain sense of decorum. That’s why PR firms should be wary about booking clients for talk show appearances; seated in front of a combative host, what you thought would be an opportunity for easy publicity can quickly turn into a public relations nightmare. Read More