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  1. A Little Fund Makes a Big Media Splash

    January 08 2001

    Kate Lee has the kind of press clippings most PR people would kill for. In less than a year, Lee has been quoted by publications coast-to-coast and appeared on television and radio stations in the U.S. and Canada. Business Week, USA Today, Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News, New York Times, and Atlanta Journal Constitution are just a few of the publications that Lee’s name has appeared in. …

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  2. Answering Questions & Watching The PR World Go Around

    January 07 2001

    I want to have some fun this week. So in lieu of boring you with a long article about how I think you should do your job, I’m going to (finally) answer some questions, (actually) correct a mistake and take a look at what’s going on in the PR world this week. Let’s start with the fun stuff….

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  3. Rebranding Disaster

    January 06 2001

    When I moved into my apartment in Brooklyn, there was an Italian restaurant down the street. I never ate there because my neighbors told me the food was bad and the service was worse. One day it closed down and no one shed a tear. It was replaced by an Indian restaurant. I was going to eat there until a neighbor told me not to bother. The restaurant was still run by the same people, they had just changed the name and the menu. A few months later the Indian restaurant was gone, replaced by a Middle Eastern restaurant. Again, same owners, same employees, different menu. The Middle Eastern restaurant finally shutdown and a new owner took over the space. A successful Thai restaurant now occupies the spot….

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  4. Welcome to the PR War

    January 04 2001

    I admit it, I’m glued to the television. …

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  5. Saying I’m Sorry Is Never Easy, But Just Say It Once

    January 02 2001

    Poor Trent Lott. The Mississippi Senator and the incoming Senate’s Republican leader is in the middle of a public relations nightmare. The Magnolia State’s most important political leader in decades is apologizing left and right and supporters, if he has any left, are keeping quiet. There is a lesson to be learned here….

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  6. Intranets for Employee Communications

    January 01 2001

    It used to be that when companies grew much larger than they began, corporate evolution meant an increase in office space, inclusion of ID badges into the corporate culture and holiday parties were moved from the CEO’s house to a restaurant or hotel ballroom (while the founding employees grumbled to themselves that things just aren’t the same anymore)….

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