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Community Listings: Free PR Tool You May Not Be Using

December 09 2008

Next to editorial coverage, community listings are the best way for public relations departments to build awareness of an upcoming event through the media–generally at no cost. Maximizing listings coverage can help increase public turnout, and create the numbers to boast about in future public relations materials. If four key community listings each draw just 10 people to a 200 seat speaking engagement, that’s 40 attendees–20 percent of the audience–found without spending one advertising dollar. Read More

Query Letters: Bringing PR and Journalism Together

December 08 2008

An in-depth feature article can be a priceless source of publicity for any organization or industry. But such an article rarely results from the standard one- to two-page press release drafted by most public relations firms. And who has the time to write an in-depth article when there’s only a small chance it will be published? So how can a public relations company get this kind of premium exposure for its clients? A query letter may be the answer. Read More

Exploring the Audio-Visual Side of Public Relations

December 08 2008

Television interviews with great visuals instantly grab viewers’ attention. Yet many public relations firms fail to plan their visual content before approaching TV producers. In a multi-media world, public relations isn’t just about text-based press releases or well-written speeches; audio-visual elements are increasingly becoming standard public relations tools. Read More

Your Web Site’s Role in Public Relations Success

December 05 2008

As a web site consultant who focuses on the public relations role corporate web sites play, I’ve created the following quick tips for anyone to evaluate the public relations success of their web site. As you read this article, open your browser and see how your web site measures up. Read More

Public Opinion Matters in Public Relations

December 04 2008

You’re trying to improve job recruiting and retention. You’re worried about local backlash over your expansion plans. You’re about to launch a new product or service. The next step is finding out what your audience is thinking. If you try to guess, you could waste a lot of time and money. Regardless of your company’s size or your available public relations resources, you don’t need to fly completely blind. Here are four four tips to improve your results when researching public opinion. Read More

Avoiding PR Nightmares Through Crisis Management

December 04 2008

Public relations professionals take note: Crisis management is not the mastery of spin, but preventing a PR nightmare. Read the following tips from communications consultant Allan Bonner, a specialist in crisis management and media training, and then ask yourself whether or not your company or PR firm is prepared for the crisis the just might be around the corner. Read More

Want Happy Holidays? Plan Your PR Strategy Early

December 03 2008

Each year when the holidays roll around, it means one thing for those in public relations: press opportunities galore. As soon as Thanksgiving is on the horizon, a public relations department should start pitching to the media. These are a few tips to help you drum up some good publicity during the holiday season. Read More

A Black Friday for Public Relations

December 03 2008

Everything is on sale. That was the big message public relations and advertising departments were desperate to get across last week and earlier this week, as retailers tried to pry money out of the wallets of cash-strapped consumers. The message was received, to a certain extent. Read More

Reasons to be Thankful for Public Relations

December 02 2008

In honor of the recent Thanksgiving holiday, here’s a list of some of the things I’m thankful for in the world of public relations. Read More

Thoughts on the Current State of the PR Industry

December 02 2008

Election season is over, the economy is in the dumps, and winter is creeping in. As such, here are some random musings on the current state of public relations and a few tips for PR professionals. Read More