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Corporate Mottos and the PR Power of SIM

March 04 2009

A corporate motto that says — in as few words as possible — a lot about your product or service is key to strategic image management (SIM). SIM demands that you choose a motto that telegraphs your values and prompts people to respond positively to whatever you sell. (And ultimately, to buy it.) Read More

Antagonize the Media at Your Own Risk

March 04 2009

Public relations can be a frustrating job, and much of that frustration comes from dealing with the media. Journalists have their own agendas and don’t always treat PR people with the respect they deserve. Read More

Public Relations and the Art of the Promotional Offer

March 03 2009

Promotions are a great a way for companies to jump-start sales, raise brand awareness, and reward and retain customers. The marketing department typically comes up with the ideas, and then public relations department are charged with helping promote them. Read More

Public Relations Basics: How Badly Do You Want That New Client?

March 02 2009

After spending exactly zero dollars on public relations since its inception, my company is finally contemplating hiring a public relations firm. While we’re getting plenty of print publicity — and publicity that has translated into sales — we’re having trouble getting our analysts on television. I’ve talked to about 10 different public relations firms over the past two weeks. And what I’ve learned has been very disheartening. Read More

Current PR Trends

February 27 2009

New budgets, failing corporations, and a strained economy highlight the news in print, radio, and TV. Here’s another trend I’ve noted: business as usual. The Wall Street Journal has been covering companies big and small launching new products, hiring key staff, and just doing what they’ve always done. Read More

Combating Bad Press

February 27 2009

You’ve just concluded the best media interview of your career. A very prestigious publication interviewed your CEO. You did everything by the book. You feel good, your CEO feels good, and the reporter obtained everything needed to write the story. You can’t wait for the article to appear. Read More

Let Your Customer Be Your Evangelist

February 26 2009

A couple years ago, I wrote an article about satellite radio. The public relations person for XM Satellite Radio asked me if I’d ever tried the product, and I told him no. The next day, a FedEx man arrived and I had a XM Satellite Radio boombox and receiver. Read More

When the Public Relations/Journalism Relationship Goes Very Wrong

February 25 2009

I received a very strange voicemail message from a journalist today, laced with hints of blackmail and future slander. Cool and calm, the journalist was sincere, threatening, filled with an inflated sense of self-importance, and sometimes downright strange. Read More

A Public Relations Guide to Dealing with Layoffs

February 23 2009

Dealing with layoffs can be a draining experience for public relations consultants. The distraction of your own job being on the line — and the internal climate change that follows such announcements — make it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand: making sure your organization’s public image remains intact. Read More

Public Relations Basics: There Is No Magic Press Release Bullet

February 23 2009

The “magic bullet” theory of public relations — that one press release is all you need to grab the attention of journalists — is easily debunked. A single press release will rarely, if ever, do the trick. Read More