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Public Relations Tips: How to Deal with Journalists’ Egos

March 18 2009

I recently received an interesting email from a PR Fuel reader that serves as an interesting public relations talking-point: “I recently emailed a press release to a newspaper writer and then followed up with a call. The writer said she doesn’t pick up email but was interested because of the telephone pitch. Read More

The Public Relations Bookshelf: Some Reader Suggestions

March 17 2009

Recently, we asked PR Fuel readers to email us with suggestions for informative, entertaining books on the world of public relations. Their suggestions should help you get started in building your PR library. Read More

PR Training Continues

March 12 2009

A close friend has been developing a training program for interns and new hires in his company’s corporate communications, public relations, and marketing divisions. With three summer interns and three new hires, the company’s public relations department now has fourteen people; it also utilizes two outside firms to help with branding, events, tradeshows, and specialty PR. Read More

Coordinated PR Is The Key

March 12 2009

A coordinated public relations attack can be a thing of beauty. When all the pistons are firing, and the planets align, PR can pour down like rain in a drought-stricken area. But the key to a coordinated PR attack is coordinating the people behind it. Read More

How to Get Your First Public Relations Job

March 11 2009

Recently I started getting emails from college students who had a lot of questions about the public relations industry. Specifically, they wanted to know how to get their first public relations job. During a recent interview with Bill Lessard of PR With Brains, I thought the topic of breaking into the world of public relations would make for some interesting discussion. Read More

Why Public Relations Departments Need to be Vigilant About “Resume Liars”

March 10 2009

From CEOs to bartenders, resumes containing lies cost employees their jobs, and embarrass employers. Delving into the psychology of a resume liar is difficult. Just because someone has lied on their resume does not mean that they lie in other aspects in their life. Read More

Public Relations Tips: Dealing with Online Vandalism and Journalistic Fraud

March 09 2009

I recently received a breathless call recently from a former colleague. My friend explained that an entry on Wikipedia concerning his company had been “vandalized” and that the company was scrambling to come up with new copy. Wikipedia is a wonderful resource, a starting point for daily research. Read More

The Value of Loyalty in Public Relations

March 06 2009

Several years ago, I had a stunning conversation with someone who worked in the public relations industry. She was employed by a large technology company that I was covering closely as a journalist. Her company was in trouble, and all signs pointed to something deeper than a sagging global economy as the reason. Read More

Faced on Facebook: Unintended Consequences of Social Media

March 05 2009

My friend, whom I love dearly, believes she is the most unphotogenic person in the world. I beg to differ and when I tell her so, I offer up my own photographic evidence. It matters not; she scurries away when a camera is in sight and went so far as to vet her best friend’s wedding photos to ensure that only the best photos made it onto a photo-sharing website. Last week, my friend was very upset with me. Read More

Managing Public Relations Through the Strategic Press Leak

March 05 2009

My forte as a journalist was reporting bad news. Whistleblowers, inside sources, gossip–I loved it all. I got a tip, tracked it down, and then the newspaper splashed a big, nasty headline on my story. Sometimes, even my editors would have been surprised about how I got my scoops. Read More