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Michael Moore, Your Moat Has Grown Too Wide

I awoke to an email from Michael Moore (yeah, we’re just that tight) that said Good-bye, GM. This should be fun, I thought. I like Michael Moore. I don’t agree with everything he says but there’s generally good entertainment value to be found in his work.

In the article, Moore writes: “It is not the joy of revenge against a corporation that ruined my hometown and brought misery, divorce, alcoholism, homelessness, physical and mental debilitation, and drug addiction to the people I grew up with.” Wow, this guy has a disconnect.

GM has done a lot of stupid things. At times, it has treated workers poorly, like pawns in a chess game between it and the union. However, the fact remains that many of the automaker’s problems stemmed from treating union employees too well. The Daily Estimate pulled the following quote out of GM’s own materials, which included SEC filings and annual reports: “The total of both cash compensation and benefits provided to GM hourly workers in 2006 amounted to approximately $73.26 per active hour worked.”

My Personal Appeal to Michael Moore:

Michael, if GM ruined your hometown and brought all the bad stuff you claim it has to those you grew up with (which I think it has not but will give you for the sake of argument), I would counter that GM did some good things as well: it employed a lot of people at high paying jobs with amazing benefits, even when paying such high wages and benefits ran counter to the competitive situation the automaker found itself in. GM also brought the EV1 to market, although it did shelve it too quickly and under questionable circumstances.

GM is also the company that launched your career through your first film Roger & Me. So easily one forgets.

As the self-elected king of the common man, I think your moat has grown too wide. Michael, you lay out options for the automaker that we as American taxpayers and owners of GM should heed. However, I read them with an air of skepticism. The disconnect seems too great. You’ve lost me. A $2 tax on each gallon of gasoline?

Michael, grow up. Think before you write. Consider the outcome of your recommendations. The same people losing jobs by GM are as ill-equipped as the rest of America to pump gas at $4.44 a gallon into their cars (current price plus the $2 Michael Moore tax). Yeah, it would be great if we could all jump into our bullet trains or ride a magic carpet to work but neither exists. What does exist is that our economy is wavering, GM is bankrupt, and a filmmaker turned political pundit doesn’t identify with the very people on whom he has built his career.

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  1. Ward Turner says:

    Good point. The evil GM did indeed launch his career. Where would MM be without GM?

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