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Marketing on Twitter: PR Heaven or Hype?

With all of the talk about Twitter in the past few months, it leads one to wonder if in fact is the social networking site (SNS) marketing machine that everyone claims it to be.  Well, to prove or disprove these statements – let’s look at the cold hard facts.

Over the past year, research tells us that online users do indeed continue to flock to Twitter in ever increasing numbers.  In fact, according to Nielson, in February of 2009, the number of visitors to the site increased to an astounding 1382 percent over the figures in February of 2008!  Specifically, Twitter boasted of seven million visitors in February of 2009 – up from a more modest 475,000 visitors in February of the previous year.

In fact and not so surprisingly, Twitter was the fastest growing social networking site during that time period as well.  To compare figures, the social networking sites Zimbio and Facebook grew by two hundred and forty percent and two hundred and twenty-eight percent respectively – shabby numbers when compared with Twitter.

That Said, What Demographic ‘Tweets’ the Most on Twitter?

Well, it turns out that younger demographic does not make up the greatest segment of visitors to this website as you may initially think.  Instead, the comparatively older thirty-five to forty-nine year old age group makes up the majority of the visitors with almost three million visitors – or a whopping forty-two percent of Twitter’s entire audience.  Further, this same study determined that most of the visitors accessed this website while they were at work.

Businesses Flock to Twitter

With the ever increasing numbers of Internet users visiting the website, it is not surprising that businesses utilize Twitter for marketing purposes.  Moreover, since Internet users can choose to follow your particular brand, you can be assured that you have an interested and targeted audience.  In other words, this audience will be especially receptive to hearing about your business and offerings.   Along similar lines, Twitter serves as an excellent way to increase the awareness of your particular brand.

Twitter PR Tips

Convinced that you should use Twitter as part of your overall marketing strategy?  Read on to discover some PR tips:

  • Develop a business objective for your Tweets. All of the individual tweets should of course achieve a specific goal.
  • Ensure that well over the majority of your “tweets” contain helpful information or links. Otherwise, you will soon find that many people will simply unsubscribe – not quite the result you are trying to achieve.
  • To get the maximum number of people following your “tweets”, you should ensure that you properly advertise your Twitter link. Consequently, it is a good idea to display your link on all of your email mailings, on your website, and any other place you deem marketing worthy.
  • Remain committed to your Twitter followers and do update your Twitter status often. After all, they are following you for a reason.

All in all then, the cold hard facts about reveal that “Twitter marketing” can prove to be an excellent addition to your overall PR strategy.

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