How to Become a Social Media Influencer

Too many companies view social media marketing as a quick fix. They think they can just sign up on Twitter or Facebook and start immediately reaching and influencing the masses. Guess what? That’s just not how it goes.

Think about this. At last check, Twitter had about 200 million users and Facebook was over 500 million. In a way, every other social media user is your competition. With so many other people out there, what do you have to offer that makes you more important than any of the others?

So, how can you take that step from being just another social media user to being a true influencer of the masses?

  • Engage with social media influencers – There’s nothing wrong with hitching your wagon to a social media star. There’s definitely something to be said for networking with people more influential than yourself. So make a list of key influencers in your niche, and start interacting with them through social media. Take part in conversations they open up, ReTweet their content with additional comments, and just be authentic.
  • Get listed in social media directories – From to, there are many Twitter directories out there where you can list your profile to get found by people with similar interests. Mashable has a great list of Twitter directories you can view by clicking here (scroll down to the “People” section). Start claiming your listings so you can begin getting more targeted followers.
  • Build your authority through other activities – It’s just not enough to Tweet your heart out. You have to take your efforts elsewhere to start positioning yourself as a trusted resource. From article marketing to guest blogging to hosting seminars, there are all types of different things you can do to increase your overall influence, which in turn will help you become a social media influencer. Check out these 13 ways to position yourself as a trusted resource.
  • Don’t view social media as a promotional tool – If you sign up on social media viewing it only as a way to advertise your brand, you’re never going to be an influencer. Just look at any of the key influencers in your niche. What are they talking about? I can pretty much guarantee that every Tweet or post isn’t self-promotional. You have to push quality content that your followers can use, and you have to engage on a personal level.
  • Choose who you’re going to connect with carefully – Too many people think that numbers equal influence in social media. Just because you’re connected to 100,000 people doesn’t mean you’re an influencer. Sure, quantity counts, but quantity of quality is what’s really important. Everyone in your network should have something to offer. You need to have a purpose for connecting to everyone you connect with.
  • Have an opinion – You need to have something to offer to your network. I’m not saying you have to be controversial for the sake of getting attention, but you do need to have a clear opinion. Don’t try to please everyone. Be yourself. Be unique. Be memorable.

What are some of the things you’ve done to increase your social media influence?

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