5 Things You Should Never Mention in Social Media

Some people may think that anything goes when it comes to social media. On your personal account, feel free to say whatever you want.  However, when it comes to business, everything you say matters and can be a potential issue, either presently or in the future. One mispost or bad tweet and suddenly you could find yourself in a sticky situation! Here are 5 things, as a general rule, to avoid saying on social media.

1. Personal Crap

We’ve all seen that one friend on our feed that likes to overshare. They’re always talking about the drama going on in their life, expecting us to ask them what’s going on so they feel validated. Isn’t it just a little annoying? Then why would you ever want to associate your business with such nonsense? Leave the drama for your llama and be professional. I’ve seen way too many owners assume their business feed is an advice line. Personal info is fine – it helps your customers and clients get to know you – but keep it positive.

2. Crap About You Not Working

“I rly need to get to these orders but Im so lazy 2day LOLLERCOPTERS”

Ok, most of the tweets like this don’t actually look like that, but you get the idea. Sure, we all have our lazy days, it happens. But don’t tell everyone about it! It really comes across that your customers aren’t important enough to get their stuff on time simply because you’re feeling sluggish. Instead of telling the world, take a nap and get back to work when you’re refreshed.

3. Crap About Customers

I’m not even going to pretend that every customer out there is perfect. I also won’t pretend the most difficult one out there is worth your time and energy. However, when you have a terrible experience, keep it on the down low.

Every business has to deal with this, so we all understand. However, your other customers will see you ranting and think, “Hmmm, I wonder what they say about me?” They then may reconsider ordering from your store the next time they’re online.

4. Crap About Politics or Religion

No politics, no religion. This was a rule in an old job of mine, and it was a good one. The friendliest people on Earth can turn into raving lunatics as soon as one of these topics gets going. Just avoid it if you don’t want to risk alienating at least half of your audience. Not just because you might offend someone, either. If you follow one political party and announce it regularly, followers of other parties might think twice about frequenting your store on principle.

5. The Word “Crap”

Yeah, this article would be toast. But no matter how innocent the language seems to be, someone will be offended. That isn’t to say you can’t use normal language like an adult, but be careful you’re not throwing out four letter bombs all day long. Eventually, someone will notice.

Unless, of course, you’ve managed to brand your company as “Cussing Carl’s Crazy Culinaries.” In this case, have at it!

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