5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Twitter

It’s everyone’s favorite 140 character-limited real time social media site (of course, it’s the only one), but how much do you really know about it? There are a few random facts about Twitter I was a little surprised to discover, so I’m going to share them with you! 

1. Tuesday is the Most Active Day 

Who figured this? Instead of Friday or Monday, Tuesday is the day most users sign in and tweet away. Though at first it seems kind of random, it does make sense. After a rough, catching-up day on Monday, people take it easy on Tuesday with a little bit more social media use at work. Of course, if you’re a PR pro, every day is social media day! 

2. SXSW Helped Launch It 

Way back in 2007, before the entire planet knew what Twitter was, the new company headed to the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas to showcase their product to the public. They were such a hit that the average tweets increased from 20,000 tweets per day to 60,000 per day!

To spread the word, the company installed in a main hallway of the festival two wide screen TVs that showed a constant feed of tweets. It was the talk of the town and the Internet within days. 

3. Nobody Uses It

Well, not really, but for the most part, new users will tweet roughly five times, then give up. In fact, over 20% of Twitter accounts are completely unused! On top of that, half of Twitter users have posted said five updates (usually just one) and bailed. At 30% of actual use, it does seem that Twitter just isn’t used. Luckily, us thirty percenters more than make up for the bailers and quitters! 

4. Most Tweets are Babble

San Antonio research firm Pear Analytics pulled 2,000 random tweets from August 2009 and analyzed what categories they fell into. Unsurprisingly, most users tweet about nothing! Labeled “pointless babble,” the ramblings of most Twitter users is 41% total nonsense, with no value to anyone but themselves. At a close 38%, “conversational” tweets come in second, and all other useful information comes in a very far away third, fourth, fifth, etc.

5. Few People Use Twitter.com 

I know this is definitely true for me. Between Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, why in the world would I need the main site? Over two-thirds of traffic comes from outside of Twitter.com, and over half of tweets come from third party apps like Tweetdeck. Rumor is that Twitter is looking into acquiring more third party applications. Also, Twitter has begun locking down its API and how it can be used by third parties. It’s hard not to see why, though, with those statistics, plus the fact that all the apps are so much more useful than the site itself!

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