2014 Social Media Resolutions

Here are some resolutions you should consider in the new year.

1. Try a New Platform

How many social media platforms are out there? A thousand? Three thousand? Maybe not that many, but there are a ton of sites out there that aren’t Facebook and Twitter. How many have you tried with your social media campaign?

The year 2014 is the year to try something new. If you never thought Vine was for you, it’s time to prove yourself wrong. If you didn’t think a more niche platform like Kaboodle or LibraryThing would work for you, you’ll never know until you give it a shot. If it fails, then just get rid of it. Speaking of which…

2. Get Rid of a Dead Platform

You know that Twitter account just isn’t working, so why is it still around? Also, that Tumblr account only has three posts and they’re all terrible. Time to get rid of the account so someone doesn’t accidentally stumble upon it and think it represents your business. Don’t wait until spring to start spring cleaning – you’ve no doubt figured out which platforms don’t work for your company, so nix them quick!

3. Update Your Info

Your cover photo on Facebook, bio on Twitter, and company credentials on LinkedIn are all outdated. In fact, you still have a Rebecca Black “Friday” joke from 2011 marked as an “important post” on Facebook. It’s time to update your profile to 2014!

Go through all your accounts and make sure everything is up to date. Also, figure out a brand new photo for each of your accounts to freshen things up. A new year deserves a new look, and it gives your customers something to look at and rally around.

4. Give Podcasting or Vlogging a Shot

Your customers and fans want to hear your voice and see your shining face. So give them the chance! An audio or video series can do wonders for building up your fan base or strengthening the base you already have.

Choose some great topics you know will make your customers download the media in droves. Also be sure to make them as entertaining as possible. Eventually you should have a solid listener/viewer base that could even end up taking on a life of its own. One tip: make sure people can hear you by getting a good mic!

5. Share More from Behind-the-Scenes

While you don’t want to post pictures of employees’ breakfast every day (unless it’s what your customers want!), going behind-the-scenes for social media content is a great trend to get into. Vine seems to be go-to platform for this type of content, as the short running time means you have to keep it simple, not allowing the video to get stale.

Show your customers and fans how you operate on a day to day basis. Think it sounds boring? You’d be surprised – your biggest fans will already be interested to see how their favorite people work, and newcomers will likely be won over by your winning personalities. Like anything in social media, though, make sure it’s interesting, entertaining, or informative!

What are your social media resolutions for 2014?

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